Ganpati Plastfab manufactures and exports EZ open PP woven bags, the most efficient small bag for quickest opening and use by end users. These EZ-Open PP woven bags provide the option of quick opening for the final customer making them suitable for retail packing. EZ open bags can be opened from the PP woven bag top side easily, you just hold the wide tape and pull the narrow tape. Once the PP woven bag is opened it cannot be re-stitched again to prevent duplication or resealing.

EZ-Open PP Woven Bags are widely used for packing of animal feed or any types of commodities, especially for the packing of rice. Ganpati Plastfab takes quality very seriously and stitches the EZ Open PP woven bags with the most consistency, avoiding any space that may be left, to prevent any leakage. Ganpati Plastfab uses PP laminated material for the narrow tape as well as wide tape in order to ensure fully recyclable PP woven bag after use.


  • 100% customized EZ-Open PP woven bag
  • Any customized size, colour and GSM
  • Bag can be easily opened from the top side/mouth side
  • Avoids duplication as once opened it cannot be re-stitched
  • Customer Friendly: Very easy to open by customer
  • Quality EZ-Open Seal: Avoids any inter-space preventing leakage
  • UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours
  • Printing upto 6 colours on each side with corona treatment
  • Add-ons: Coated or uncoated with option of loose or sewn liner
  • BOPP option available for superior outside finish


  • Agriculture and farming produce and products
  • Fertilizers, urea and minerals
  • Sugar and Salt
  • Animal feed and cattle feed stock
  • Agro products like seeds and spices, etc.
  • Nuts and Seeds like cashew nuts, dates, etc.
  • Food grains like barely, flour, rice, corn, etc.

EZ-Open PP Woven Bag and Small Sack

EZ-Open PP Woven Bag and Small Sack

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