PP Woven Box Bags

Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. is a large manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of PP Box Bags, available in different colours and capacities such as 55 GSM, 60 GSM, 68 GSM, and 100 GSM or customised as per customer requirements. The edges of Polypropylene (PP) Box Bags are hot cut or ultrasonic welded as per customer requirement. PP box bags are available in roll forms of desired length, which can also be customized as per the requirement of customers.

Our product range includes PP box bags or woven box sacks in laminated/unlaminated variety with BOPP option also. They are able to efficiently endure heavy weights. The PP woven box bags can be laminated on the inside or outside as per requirements. The fine gutter bottom of our PP box bags allows for good ventilation, so the seeds and grains can be dried effectively. Our PP box bags can be tailor-made in different specifications, dimensions, material composition and printing colours according to customer's requirements.

Salient Features

The major salient features and of our PP woven box bags are as follows: 

  1. High strength and durability PP woven fabric
  2. Edges hot cut or ultrasonic welded, as per customer requirements
  3. Provided in roll forms of desired specifications
  4. Different colours and capacities as per customer specifications
  5. Available as unlaminated or laminated box bags
  6. Available as PP laminated on inside or outside
  7. Available as Laminated with or without BOPP
  8. Protects products from dirt and dust
  9. Excellent covering from external effects
  10. Extensive solution for various packing needs

PP box bags are most suitable for packaging products that require good ventilation during storage and transportation. PP woven Box bags are manufactured in both laminated and unlaminated forms with BOPP option as per customer requirements. The size and appearance of PP Box Bags are tailored to meet specific requirements of our customers. 

Ganapti Plastfab Limited extends its global presence by offering exceptional products and services in the realm of PP Box Bags. With a diverse array of box bag offerings, our high-quality PP Box Bags cater to clients across the globe, exported to and available in various countries, including Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and many other countries in Europe and South America. We welcome clients worldwide to harness our specialized expertise in seamless order placement for box bags and to explore bespoke box bag solutions tailored to meet their unique packaging needs.

We manufacture a wide range and type of PP box bags, including the most common ones with four top channels with draw strings, all of which are manufactured in different shapes and sizes as per our customer specifications. PP boxed bags are used in various applications including use as cover boxes, for packing fibres, box cover bags for covering cartons and boxes, cover bags for covering automobiles and for similar purposes.

PP Woven Box Bag Laminated PP Woven Box Bag

PP Woven Box Bag in roll and cut form

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