Export House Certification for Ganpati Plastfab Ltd.

Ganpati Plastfab Limited, a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of FIBC Bulk Bags and PP Woven Bags based in Jaipur, India, is proud to announce that they have gained the status of a Certified Export House. This is a proud endorsement of our capabilities and customer satisfaction in the field of FIBC bulk bags and pp woven bag exports.

Ganpati Plastfab Limited gained the Export House certification endorsement on November, 2023 from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Government of India, in recognition of the quantum of export market and export sales generated by Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. 

The Export House Certificate (EHC), also known as the Status Holder Certificate, is an export promotion scheme launched by the Government of India to recognize businesses that have contributed to the country's foreign exchange earnings. The certificate is awarded to exporters of goods, services, and technology who have a valid Import-Exporter Code (IEC) and have demonstrated exceptional performance in international trade.The EHC is based on a company's export performance in each financial year, as measured by FOB/FOR value. Exporters are assigned status holder positions based on their export performance. 

"The Star Export House Certification is a moment of immense pride and validation for Ganpati Plastfab Limited. It underscores our commitment to delivering pp woven products including FIBC Jumbo Bags and PP Woven Bags of the highest quality to the global market. This recognition not only elevates our credibility but also paves the way for expanded horizons and sustained growth," Ashok Kumar Pabuwal, Managing Director, Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. said.