Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. manufactures and supplies a complete range of BOPP bags PP woven sack, produced with a state of art BOPP Bag printing and producing plant in our modern unit.

Widely favored in the packaging industry, woven polypropylene bags also called pp woven bags are chosen for their adaptability, flexibility, and robustness. Our production includes both large and small variants, fully customizable in terms of mesh, denier, tape width, color, and dimensions. These PP woven BOPP bags find common applications for a variety of products such as animal feed, rice, sugar, beans, seeds, fertilizers, sand, and cement. What distinguishes us is our in-house capability for 6-color rotogravure printing, enabling you to personalize your BOPP woven polypropylene bags with intricate details and captivating graphics. Opt for our pp woven bopp bags to enjoy unparalleled customization and quality in your packaging solutions.

The Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film lends a highly printable surface, and our in-house rotogravure printing allows for customization with photographic detail. Our in-house Graphics Team offers full-service support, assisting with design concepts, layout, vectorization, and proof development to bring your vision to life. Our pp woven bopp bags come in a spectrum of colors, allowing for color customization that aligns with your brand identity or product differentiation strategy. Our BOPP Woven Bags are crafted to meet global standards and are available for export to various countries, making them a reliable choice for international markets.

Characteristics of out BOPP Bags

  • 100% customized PP Woven bags
  • Any customized size, colour and GSM
  • Coated (Laminated) or uncoated
  • Micro-perforated or plain
  • Highest degree of protection for fine grade, pulverised and force flowing materials.
  • Printing upto 6 colours on each side with corona treatment
  • UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours
  • Valve bag option for direct filling and locking system
  • BOPP for superior outside finish

Applications for BOPP Bags

  • Chemical products auch as resin, polymer, granules, etc.
  • PVC Compound, Master batches, carbon black, minerals, etc.
  • Construction materials such as Concrete, cement, lime, carbonate, etc.
  • Agriculture and Farming produce and products
  • Fertilizers, urea, minerals, etc.
  • Sugar and Salt
  • Animal feeds and cattle feed stock

Benefit from our vertical integrated manufacturing unit, ensuring customization of BOPP bag specifications, from design to final product. Ganpati Plastfab extends its global presence, supplying and exporting BOPP PP Woven Bags to countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and more. Our streamlined processes and efficient production capabilities result in quick turnaround times, allowing your products to reach the market faster. Our highly specialized assembly departments, equipped with advanced looms and technology, contribute to the precision and quality of our BOPP PP Woven Bags.

PP Woven BOPP Bag

BOPP Woven Bag

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