Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. manufactures and exports PP Woven Micro-Perforated sacks and small bags. Micro-perforated PP Woven sack are used for products requiring air to breath when packed into woven sacks. These are mostly agro-products consisting of fruits, vegetables and fresh baked food items, etc.

PP Micro-perforated PP Woven sacks are made to customer requirements in terms of air-hole density to be made in the woven bags. PP Woven Micro-perforated bags are also used for products that are hot while packing such as cement, products requiring air breathability and cooling off. These bags have air holes that allow the produce to breath, enhancing the shelf life of the products.


  • 100% customized PP Woven sack with Micro-perforation
  • Any customized size, colour, GSM (coated or uncoated)
  • Customisable micro-perforation density
  • Breathable property of PP Micro-Perforated Woven bag
  • Printing Upto 6 colours on each side with corona treatment
  • UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours
  • Valve bag option for direct filling and locking system
  • BOPP option available for superior outside finish
  • Cost effective packing solution for fresh and hot products


  • Concrete, materials, cement and other building materials
  • Fertilizers, urea, minerals, resin, polymer and other chemicals
  • Seeds, spices and related agro products
  • Cashew nuts, dates, barely, flour, rice, etc.
  • Confectionery, baked and bakery products
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • All type of food grains.

Micro-Perforated PP Woven Sack with Liner

Micro-Perforated PP Woven Sack with BOPP Printing